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  • Over 55 years of experience

Welcome at Smith BV The address of choice for standard copper magnet wire, copper wire with various cross section profiles, welding rods, contact wire and reels. Are you looking for a related or special product? We can either order it for you or have it manufactured.

In addition to copper magnet wire of the types Isoflex, Friotherm 1000, Friotherm 4000, Multogan 2000, Damidbond (bondable magnet wire) and Daprest, we also stock magnet wire with an insulation made of fiber glass, fiber glass/polyester, paper, Nomex or Kapton. We also stock Soudronic High Performance Welding Wire, aluminum magnet wire, and copper and aluminum ribbon.
Rond gelakt koperwikkeldraad Dasol en Damid Operating from our large warehouse in Ridderkerk, we deliver superior quality products, direct from stock, within 24 hours. To customers in The Netherlands and Belgium, and throughout Europe. Our products are safe, reliable, UL-certified and manufactured in accordance with international standards DIN-EN ISO 9001, DIN-EN ISO 14001, TS16949 and RoHS 2012.
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