Copper wires with profiled cross sections

A. Multogan 2000 (MH)

Multogan 2000 profiled copper magnet wire has a 2-coat enamel insulation. The base coat is a THEIC modified polyester. The outer coat is polyamide-imide. The combination of two different enamels yields numerous advantages and options that cannot be achieved using a single coat insulation. For example, this profiled copper magnet wire has excellent resistance against abrasion, excellent thermal stability and good tensile strength.

Multogan 2000 is used in electric motors and transformers. Here, a large margin of safety is necessary.

Technical Specifications

Relevant official standard DIN-EN 60317/29
Heat class 200˚C
Formerly (DIN 46 416) Type W 210
Gauge 1-100 mm2 (boek)
Ground coat enamel type Polyester-THEIC
Architecture 2 coat
Annealing temperature > 400˚C
Force required to remove enamel > 7,5 N
Breakdown voltage > 5 kV
Number of errors @ 1.5 kV /100 m 0 - 2
Solderability No
Soldering temperature N/A